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Why Hire Us for Language Services?
Our project leaders, linguistic experts and language teams understand today's
complex communications environment. From basic translations to complex
multimedia content, we work to ensure effective and dependable language
solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

   Your business can reach 90% of its online audience by delivering content in just 24 languages. By working with Linguitronics and focusing on 9 key European languages, and 15 others used in the Middle East and Asia, you can reach a truly global audience in an instant.

   In 2015, Simplified Chinese was the second-most requested language for translations worldwide. Linguitronics’ core expertise in Chinese language and culture ensure you need look no further for the perfect language partner.

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We are one of the most well-established language service providers in Asia. From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, our experience and expertise cover a wide range of both commercial and industrial applications.

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Linguitronics Maintains its Spot in the Top 100 International Language Service Providers

Linguitronics is honored to have moved up four spots to No. 84 in the Top 100 language service providers.

July 6th, 2018 – Leading global language service provider Linguitronics is proud to announce its latest ranking in Common Sense Advisory’s (CSA) list of the top 100 international language service providers. CSA, a well-known independent market research agency used by the language service industry, recently released the market report “The Language Services Market: 2018” , which moved Linguitronics up 4 spots in the rankings to 84th globally and 19th in the Asia-Pacific region.
Presently, big data, AI, and block chain technology is showing great growth potential as more and more information is shifting to the Internet. These technologies tend to be more business and service-oriented than previously realized. In coping with rising demands from clients and increasing competition in the market, Linguitronics has always stayed ahead of the curve and dedicated itself to providing high-quality, accurate, and reliable language services. Just in the past year, a new team composed of translators and writers focused on transcreation and technical writing has been established at Linguitronics to further accommodate clients with customized language services needs.
For more than twenty years, Linguitronics has offered clients customized language services, maintaining specialized operations for translation and localization, interpreting, multimedia production, technical writing, transcreation and A-to-Z? solutions. Our extensive language service experience and professional knowledge have enabled us to provide numerous highly-acclaimed organizations and businesses with top-notch translation and interpreting services, facilitating the exchange and promotion of culture, aiding clients in the internationalization of their products and services, and helping enterprises continually expand their markets domestically and abroad.
About Linguitronics
As one of Asia’s most seasoned language service providers, Linguitronics has enduring passion and relentless investment in language, helping us remain diligent, trustworthy, and dedicated to generating greater value for our clients.
We have over twenty years of professional experience in translation and interpreting, localization, and technical writing. Whether it’s routine communication or creative writing, Linguitronics’ language services can help satisfy highly-challenging demands for all markets.
We provide outstanding domestic and international communication and marketing programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Our teams in Shanghai and Taipei cooperate closely, and our service network extends to Japan, Korea, the Americas and Europe.
For more information on Linguitronics' language services, please contact:

Taipei Office
Cherry Hsiao
Marketing Manager
14F, No.57, Fuxing North Road, Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2740 0706 ext 216
Shanghai Office
Emily Wei
Sales & Marketing Director
Suite 501, New Tower, No.291, East Wenshui Road, Shanghai, China 200437
Tel: +86 21 6139 8088 ext.801

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